Sexy Eye Make Up For Girls

Sexy Eye Make Up – The power of beautiful eyes can not be denied by opposite sex. Beautiful alluring eyes have magical attraction which is not new for women. When we talk about the sexy eye make up it does not merely means to have shockingly bright eye colors but to make the perfect almond shaped eyes. Large almond shaped eyes draw the concern of opposite gender in a glance.

Here are some guide lines tricks to make the Sexy Eye Make Up:


  • A good works man always has good command at his tools. So to get perfection in sexy looks in eye make up have¬†¬† proper brushes for the application of liner, eye shadows, mascara and grooming the eye brows.


  • The selections of right shades make the eyes a real sexy and figure out them. Trial and error method is best for the selection of right shade but to select the color according to your skin tinge and hair tone.


  1. Prepare your eyes for the make up by applying the base or foundation at the lids.
  2. Use concealer covering any dark circles under the eyes.
  3. Apply eye liner according to the desired shape of eyes. Avoid harsh lines as it will make the eyes not sexy but angry looking.
  4. Use the neutral color in eye shades if the sexy look is required .Select palettes in brown, grey, black or charcoal colors. The brighter colors make the eyes smaller, vanilla tone is used to high light the eye color. If you want almond shaped eyes then use the darker shades along the lash line and outer third portion of the eye. The intensity of the shades decrease as you moves toward the crease of the eyes.
  5. Apply the shadows at the bottom lash but in lighter shade with out ward sweeping.
  6. Vanilla shade is applied at the inner corner of the eye and at the lower part of the brow bone. This will give the bigger look to the eyes and finish the sexy look.
  7. Curl the upper and lower lashes to open up the eyes and apply the mascara at the outer third of the lashes.

Follow the above steps and enjoy the sexy looks.

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