Pros And Cons of Eyelash Tinting Or Dyeing

Pros And Cons of Eyelash Tinting Or DyeingEyes are said to be the windows to someone’s soul. Perhaps this is the reason why women spend hours decking up their eyes with eyeshadow, eyeliner and mascara. Many women like to make their eyes their defining facial feature, outlining them to make them pop and experimenting with different mascaras that promise to render them longer, thicker lashes. Some also resort to falsies to turn their lashes their most noticeable feature.

While mascara happens to be the preference of most women, some women don’t like wearing mascara either due to the hassle of putting it on every morning and taking it off every night, smearing issue or any sort of allergic reactions. So, for them eyelash tinting has been introduced.

Eyelash tinting, an alternative to mascara, is like dyeing your lashes. If you decide to try it, make sure to get it done from professional since eyes are very sensitive part and even a minor mistake can lead to serious injury or infection.

Like everything, eyelash tinting has pros and cons. Let’s weigh its positives and negatives.

• Highly beneficial for those having blonde lashes or brows.
• Doesn’t need any touch-ups or reapplication at least for 4-6 weeks.
• It doesn’t need maintenance.
• Will not run while wet.
• Looks completely natural.
• Its color can cooperate with you natural hair and skin color.

• Can bring about allergic reactions in many women and can damage your eyes in case of incorrect application.
• It’s very expensive.
• It isn’t regulated by the FDA.
• Many dyes contain coal and tar in them.
• Dye can stain your skin.
• It doesn’t offer thickening or lengthening benefits. It simply darkens your brows or lashes, instead.

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