New Year Blue Glitter Cat Eyes for Teen Girls

If simple cat eye look is being loved by everyone then imagine how much it would be loved by cat eye lovers if some glitter is added to it? I promise, it would look just awesome and you will definitely get amazed when you will have look at glittery cat eyes. Let’s create this look step by step.

New year Blue Glitter Cat Eyes for Teen Girls

The main ingredients that will be needed are:


Crystal Ball, Pompadour, blue glitter, any black-crème eyeshadow and Treasure Chest.

makeup tips for blue eyes


eyeshadow primer, blue pencil eyeliner, mascara

Start sporting this look with the application of mascara. Use a quality eye curler to curl the lashes and then put on three mascara coatings to top as well as bottom eyelashes and let it dry out. After it get fully dry, curl the lashes for brown eyes

Now, apply an eyeshadow primer to your lids and brush Pompadour over the entire lid using a larger makeup brush. Then cover your brow bone with Crystal Ball and blend it thoroughly into Pompadour.

how to wear makeup with blue eyes

Though slack glitters render more sparkling effect to your eyes but it is very tricky and sometimes very tough to get loose glitter hold over the eyes. For creating a base that can hold-on glitter for long, it’s advisable to use crème eyeshadow. Coat you top eyelids with eyeshadow and spread it over the whole lid with a sponge or ring finger moving in upward and outward direction. Draw an outline with a thin brush and for filling use a bigger brush.

New year Eyes  makeup Look for Teen Girls(PHOTO)

While the eyeshadow is not fully dried out, pick up blue-colored glitter with a somewhat moist brush, put it over the lid and exert a little pressure. In this way the glitter particles will stick to the lid and will stay for long. Cover the entire lid by repeating the step.

Finish the look with the application of blue eye-pencil along the lower lash line.


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