Flirty Eye Makeup Ideas

Flirty Eye Makeup Ideas

Flirty Eye Makeup Ideas for your flirty eye beauty

The appearance of person is greatly influenced by the color so try to be more daring with your makeup. The key to obtain the desired outcome of the makeup it is necessary to apply the eye makeup according to the color and shape of your eyes. The blend of different colors gives your eyes a more professional look and adds a glam to your personality. Some unique eye makeup ideas are given below; follow them for obtaining a super girly look!

The blend of iridescent blues, teals and gelds makes the aqua colored eyes look glamorous. Select much pigmented eye shadows which can be applied over a makeup primer. Primer is the base that makes diversity in makeup and ensures the durability of makeup. Begin with the golden shade, apply light teal on the inside corner of the eyes, and then blend with the gold.

Start buttressing the blue eye shadow on the crease with the help of a makeup brush. Blend the blue and golden shades thoroughly along the lash line. Apply gold and copper eye shadow on the inner third part of the inferior lash line and continue blending with the blue color until it become more intense as it follows the eye line. Give a dramatic finishing touch by the application of a pair of falsies and heavy mascara coating.

Purple eye makeup suits most complexion tones and make them look amazing. It is the best option if you are getting ready to attend any casual or formal occasion. Light purple hues as well as the blend of purple and fuchsia or hot pink both look equally great so you can opt for any of the two.

The outcome of the makeup depends upon the intensity of the colors, so choose vibrant hues if possible. Apply either pink or light purple shade on the inner 2/3 part of the lid and then start blending it with the other shade along the crease and lid. Similarly, apply the same shade and blend it with the other on the lower lash line. Finish the makeup applying a pair of false eyelashes, apply black eyeliner to make them invisible and coat them with mascara.

If you are eying for having a soft, feminine and glamorous look, you should go for a glittering pink palette. Apply a light pink hue on the inner third of your eyelid and continue with a bit dark shade of pink pigment for the addition of dimensional look to your eyes. Blend the two colors thoroughly using a makeup brush for better outcome.  Line your lash line delicately using pencil eyeliner and finally apply mascara over the lashes.

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