Eye Makeup Tips for Women Over 50

Women of any age love to don eye makeup for the enhancement of shape and glance of their pretty eyes that in turn enhance their personality and beauty. A variety of eye makeup ideas and techniques are there that can make you look gorgeous. However, some changes in the application of eye makeup are needed with women’s growing age.

Eye Makeup Tips for Women Over 50

Eye Makeup Tips for Women Over 50

Usually when most the women cross 50, they apply too much makeup or don’t don makeup at all to look pretty and attractive, but, remember both these two extremes must be avoided. Besides eyeliner and eyeshadow color, over-50 women should focus on the makeup techniques as well and try to go for a technique and shade that can mask the skin imperfections such as wrinkles or fine lines etc effectively.

Few tips for Eye Makeup Tips for Women Over 50 are given below

Prior to the application of makeup, prepare your lids with quality primer; it would help your makeup to glide easily and smoothly on eye surface and put it off from staying on the wrinkles and fine lines.

Choose light-shaded eye shadows with a slight glitter or gem or satin finish. These light-colored eye shadows open-up your eyes, giving your glimpse a wider look.

As with the growing age your skin loses its elasticity that’s why the skin around delicate areas of eye also starts slumping, making your eyes look tired. To cover your droopy and exhausted eyes don a drop of highlighter on eyes’ outside corners.

If you have any skin imperfections such as eye bags or dark circles, cover them with concealer and after concealer apply little amount of translucent face powder to set it.

Always try to choose liquid eyeliner instead of pencil liners. Correctly applied liquid liner just alongside the lash line help in opening-up the eyes and making them look larger.

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Apply two coats of volumizing and lengthening mascara to your lashes after curling them with a curler. Mascara adds volume and length to the thin lashes of above-50 women, making their eyes look open and larger.

Instead of powder eyeshadow, above-50 women should go for cream eyeshadow because the powdery shadow settles around the fine lines thus makes them look more prominent.

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