Eye Make Up For Big Eyes

eye make up for big eyes-3Eye Make Up For Big Eyes - Big eyes are thought to be an outstanding feminine beauty from century’s. The doe- like eyes are of poetic importance. It is also possible that eyes are big and bulging, such eyes overpower the rest features .Such protruding eyes requires the eye make up by which the focus on the eye ball curvature is reduced. The matte shades are used at the eye lids and shimmers touch is avoided.

Follow the below steps to make the big eyes luminous and flattering:

  1. Apply the darker shade at the mobile part of the lid. The shades should be used below the crease.
  2. Apply the dark brown or grey shade at the outer corner of the eyes in small horizontal triangle. Blend it well with the base color.
  3. At the outer edges of the eyes the eye shadows are not curved in harsh lines over the eye ball as it will give the round look to the eyes and the shape of the eye is disturbed.
  4. Taupe color so used at the inner corners of the eyes with perfect blending to the existing shades.
  5. Apply the dark brown eye shadow to outer lower lash line with well smudging downward slightly.
  6. Apply black eye liner along the water line and ensure its application at the inner lachrymal area.
  7. Apply the liner at the inner of the upper lid and join it with the lower lash line. Smudge the both lines with brown eye shadow with clean brush.
  8. Now curl the lashes with curling mascara to emphasize the framing of eyes.

Apply two coats of mascara with gap and avoid the smudging.

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