Eye Makeup For Blue Eyes

Blue Eye Makeup TipsEye Makeup Tips For Blue Eyes or Eye Makeup For Blue Eyes is very trendy in the spring or summer season. However There are right and wrong both ways are present to wear this trend. Every woman has its own unique ability and choice to select colors that enlighten and comprises their look. Gold, icy pink, lavender, violet and silver are those color shadows which are the top of the list. Many womem are now trying exploring more colors such as grey, taupe and various shades of purples.

There are present many rules and tips of Eye Makeup Tips For Blue Eyes which is follow as.

Color of your face: Blue looks best on women which having white face and platinum hair color or grey or brown eyes. In the Spring/ Summer season the blue colored eyes are very familiar to every girl. So by applying the blue color on your eyes first you just check your skin tone.

Use Two Shadows: Pick a soft color of the whole area of the eye as base and use the darker color only up to your eye’s crease.

Don’t go to high: Dark shades can make eyes bad and dark color is looking very over so make sure not to place color above the crease line.

Skip the black eyeliner: Black eyeliner with blue color is looking very bad. It’s just too harsh. Instead of black eyeliner just try a deeper and darken shade of blue. Navy or indigo works great, Keep in mind that blue eyeliner can make blue eyes very good.

Avoid from makeup light: Lips with out the lipstick are looking good. Just stay away to applied the colors on the lips; they will not suit your strong eyes.

Avoid to matching the clothes: Last feature of the blue eyed makeup is to avoid wearing those dresses which are matching with your makeup color, Because it looks very odd to wear the same colored dress which you have the color of your eye makeup.

There were some features and rules which make the face gentle and very good by applying the Eye Makeup For Blue Eyes

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